Women prefer shaved men

shaved men

According to the data released by the study "Current trends in male hair removal", 80.6% of the Spanish women surveyed considered that excess body hair was unsightly. So many have asked their partners to shave. However, there are 2.3% who find men with long hair attractive.

Testimonies show that male hair removal is booming and does not seem to be going back. "One of the causes is probably that the perception of beauty has varied and, for many men, the paradigm is greater muscles and as little hair as possible ", explains Mª Teresa Gutiérrez, member of the Academy Spanish of Dermatology and Venereology.
Thus, it seems that the practice of waxing only in women was far behind. Male hair removal is a fully standardized and widespread practice in Spain , not only for those who practice it, but also for their environment.