The truth about facials


They are ineffective

This idea comes from the belief that if you don't see immediate results after a facial, the treatment doesn't work. Not true! Even after a first session of the procedure, the appearance of your skin is already improved. However, it is important to realize that facials are like going to the gym: the best results are seen in the long term and with regular visits.

Same treatments at home for much less

You can probably find products that offer similar results for a very attractive price and in record time, but you will never get the results that a professional beauty center can give you. In aesthetic centers, personalized studies are carried out where the skin type of each patient is analyzed to determine which treatment and products are most effective and thus offer unsurpassed results.

A facial treatment will fix all skin problems

Facials are meant to be preventive. They are not designed to solve all skin problems, but going to a beauty center regularly will help prevent future ones. Facials should be viewed as treatments rather than miracle cures.

Are painful

Some people say that facials are an experience that makes your hair stand on end, and not out of pleasure, but out of fear! You can always expect a pleasant, non-painful experience when having a facial treatment . The objective of professional beauty centers is to make you feel at home and provide you with a relaxing and calm experience.

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Are they ineffective? Same home treatments for much less? Will a facial treat fix all skin problems? Are they painful?