Massages (relaxing, toning, decontracting, sports, etc.) are performed for Men and Women.

Each therapy is personalized, according to the particular and specific characteristics and needs of each person.

We work with natural oils and pure essences.

We seek to achieve the balance, relaxation and well-being of each of our clients.

Body treatments and massages can be acquired by purchasing individual sessions or promotional bonuses, with which you get the best price and ensure continuity in treatment.

At the beginning and end of each therapy, you can access the shower service

Some of our services are:
  • Relaxing massage (60 min)
  • Full body massage (60 min)
  • Localized massage (35 min)
  • Foot reflexology
  • Circulatory massage
  • DLM manual lymphatic drainage (50 min)
  • Manual lymphatic drainage DLM (30 min)
  • Lymphatic drainage with pressotherapy

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