Interior room to ensure your privacy.

Personalized attention

Always attended by your trusted consultant.


The commitment, seriousness, honesty and efficiency that you deserve.


More than 10 years in the exercise of this profession guarantee the quality of service.


With exquisite training, and extensive experience and professionalism; Luz Estétika Barcelona opens its doors and offers you the best aesthetic treatments.
In a relaxed, comfortable, calm and relaxed environment you can enjoy the beneficial effects of a good massage, a personalized body or facial treatment or comprehensive aesthetic advice.

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What relationship do hair and sex have? Are depilated genitalia, totally or partially, or even tinged, more exciting?

As we all know, from Monday May 4 the beauty centers have been able to resume our activities.

According to the data released by the study "Current trends in male hair removal"

These are the reasons why it is important to take care of our hands and feet ...

There are many benefits of massage for our health. In this article we will talk about what these benefits are and how to take advantage of them in the best way.

Are they ineffective? Same home treatments for much less? Will a facial treat fix all skin problems? Are they painful?